Look far into the distance for our photo challenge



For this week’s Mashable Photo Challenge, focus your eyes on things that are far into the distance

Look for leading lines on lengthy roads, or for settings that seem to have an everlasting depth. Try placing your subjects at the opposite side of the room before taking their portrait. And browse landscapes and cityscapes for photo opportunities that might show far beyond what’s right in front of your eyes.


Conor MacNeill, a London-based travel photographer, will be our guest host.

“My photography started as a by-product of my love of traveling, and Instagram was just a further extension of that,” he said. MacNeill, originally from Northern Ireland, started actively using Instagram while in China because it was the only social network he was able to access. Known as “thefella” on Instagram, he now has close to 200,000 dedicated followers. Read more…

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