Pittsburgh Penguins learned why you don’t mess with The Discovery Channel



The Discovery Channel just issued a massive burn to an arctic creature

The person in charge of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Twitter account tried to be cheeky with the cable network on Wednesday — but it kind of backfired.

@penguins Strange. Our latest observations show no Penguin activity currently on ice in Pittsburgh. Where did they go?

— Discovery (@Discovery) May 14, 2015

The joke here is that the Penguins were eliminated from the NHL playoffs in late April by the New York Rangers. We all got that, right? Just checking

Over the past few years, NHL teams’ marketing teams have tried to give their social media brands a personality. For instance, the LA Kings are notorious for using Seinfeld references, while the Rangers placed a ban on all capital letters during their series with the Washington Capitals this year. Read more…

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