Here’s How This Man Quit Drugs, Alcohol, And Junk Food And Lost 125 Pounds

No crash diets, trainers, or nutritionists. This is how he did it.

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Stephen Odom, 28, is a photographer and live music production assistant living in Houston. He spoke with BuzzFeed Life about how he overhauled his health and fitness and changed his life. Here’s his story.


Photos courtesty of Stephen Odom and Mitch Frink Photography / Via

Odom was a high school student when his recreational drug use turned into a devastating addiction.


When Stephen Odom started smoking pot as a teenager, he saw it as a great way to calm his anxiety and have fun in high school. But his drug use evolved into reckless self-medicating. “It started out as a fun party surrounded by people, but eventually turned much darker,” he writes on his blog. “I was constantly seeking to push the envelope. Constantly trying to not feel anything. Trying to numb that internal malady.” Odom lost control of his drug use, barely passing high school and getting his first DWI in his senior year.

Courtesy Stephen Odom

In his early twenties, Odom hit rock bottom and knew he needed to make some changes.


By the time he was 22, Odom was drinking heavily — a gallon of whiskey every couple of days — taking tons of pills, and huffing nitrous oxide. He’d gotten two DWIs. His therapist presented him with a choice: go to rehab or she’d stop seeing him. Her ultimatum worked. Odom checked himself into an inpatient rehab program. After fighting his way first through intense withdrawal and then through a few relapses, he got clean and sober for good in August 2009.

Courtesy Stephen Odom

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